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The product name:Rapidly-dispersible Sanlyzox   Rapidly-dispersible Sanlyzox

The application of standard wet wipe material  brings us hygiene and convenience, in the meantime, causes a series of waste treatment issue. This is increasing the environment protection burden. the market will need a Eco-friendly material which does not need to be land-filled or burned in case of waste treatment to replace traditional spunlace wet wipes material. 

In 2004,on the discussion meeting of INDA--Mr Mungo phillipshad made an introduction on the past,presence and future of toilet tissue,this is the first time in the world, flushable concept had been completely put forward in nonwovens products field.The real flushable products is the combination of “the capability of being flushed out””dispersibility ”and”bio-degradablility”.

● Eco-friendly and Safe
● Easy to process, Convenient to use
● Comfortable and Skin-attaching

Various applications  

High-end eco-friendly Sanlyzox caring materials can be applied in toilet wet wipes,baby wet wipes, household wet wipes, medical wet wipes, Disinfection wet wipes and etc.


Basis weightg/m²)

45 ~ 80 g/m²

Appearance structure






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